Zoom Byte

Who we are?

Zoom Byte IT Services Company is one of the industry leaders in providing quality and market-driven IT solutions in Afghanistan. The Company was established in 2013 with headquarter in Kabul Afghanistan with a branch in Taimani.

Zoom Byte IT Services Company closely works for creating and providing the best IT Services all over the world. Network Security Analysis, Penetration testing of governmental and non-governmental internal networks, setting up, configuration, maintenance of Call centers and conference call system.

Developing capacity-building programs for enhancing the skills and knowledge of governmental and non-governmental organization’s employees. Considering Capacity building programs Zoom Byte has been providing individual and corporate clients IT training courses for 6+ IT industry leader firms as Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, Oracle, CompTIA, and Red Hat Since 2013, and holding its online tests through Zoom Byte certified test center now. Zoom byte Test center aligns the Company with Internationally accepted standards and fulfills the online certification exam requirements of students established in 2020. Developing PMI (Project management institute) at Zoom Byte enabled the company to perform comprehensive assessments and develop a strategic plan for all organizations specifically IT Services departments throughout the country. Zoom Byte provides a preparatory Course for Project managers (Project management enthusiasts) readying themselves to sit for the project management professional (PMP) Certification exam. Online training departments provide opportunities for IT enthusiasts who are living abroad and don’t have physical access to Zoom Byte IT training classes established in 2018. Zoom Byte IT services has built a customer base made up of information technology community members and head of IT departments throughout the country, which established a reputation of a trustworthy business with experienced staff (CCIE Enterprise& CCIE Sec#60224, CCIE#65249, MBA) and competitive prices. Zoom Byte had gained an advantage over its competitors by being one of the qualified IT services companies to offer both auto repair services and auto parts for sale.

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